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Ways Shade Affect Your Solar Lighting System

Many solar panels are innovated, so they are ideal to be put in places where there is insufficient lighting. Nevertheless, shade can affect their performance. Knowing the impact of shade on your solar lights can help you improve them and take advantage of its benefits.

Reducing the Efficiency of Solar Lights

Solar panels have individual solar cells that are connected in a string. Therefore, if a small part of the string is covered by shade, it can affect how the entire system functions. The weakest solar cell can affect and decrease the performance of other solar cells in the series.

Shortening the Solar Panels’ Lifespan

Like other electronic gadgets, solar cells cannot be intact when they are always switched off and on because of their sensitivity. When this happens, solar cells might stop functioning, or other solar cells in the series will have to work harder to make up for the lost energy. Although they are exposed to sunlight, panels that have been affected by shading can perform inadequately.

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