Solar Panels

Climate change has been speculated upon for years, with more and more people taking steps to avoid unnecessary pollution from their energy sources. Non-renewable energy is harmful to nature, animals, the general environment and it affects the quality of the air that we breathe, as well as causing various other negative impacts.

There has therefore been a race to harness renewable energy sources and for many years we have known of energy such as wind power, hydro power and solar. However, until recently, these have been difficult to use effectively. The most powerful item most of us have used with solar power has probably been a calculator!

For many years we have been warned about the effects of global warming and how our growing need for energy is contributing to the climate change that is so typically reported in our newspapers and on TV.

One of the newest innovations that now brings this power to the domestic market with a real supply of decent levels of power, is solar panels. These are becoming increasingly popular as an option in residential housing to be used to heat hot water without the need for gas. In fact, simply searching

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