Solar Hot Water Heating

Depletion of natural resources at fast pace compels people to find some of the alternative sources of energy that are economical and can be used for a large number of years. Considering the fact; solar energy proves a blessing in disguise in this direction. Being considered as one of the inexpensive forms of energy; process of converting sun’s energy into thermal energy is known as solar thermal energy. The applications of solar thermal energy are varied such as can be used for cooking food, heating water, generating electricity, etc. Nowadays, this technology is used by people of all over the world due to its innumerable benefits.

There are a series of products available for Solar Thermal energy in the market such as solar thermal water heating system, solar cooker, etc. Solar water heating systems involves advanced and viable technology for converting sun’s energy into hot water at a temperature ranges from 60 to 120 degrees. It consists of solar collector, insulated storage tank, cold water supply tank, toughened glass and insulated piping. These systems not only cater the needs of houses, but also hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. It is worth to disclose that these water heating systems work on sunny days also, but with less efficiency.

Principle on which solar water heating systems work

Black bodies have natural capacity of absorbing heat faster and these systems work on this fundamental principle. Solar collector has copper sheet of black color which absorbs solar thermal energy and heats up the water. Then, heated water, being lighter in weight rises up and gets collected in the insulated storage water tank. Afterwards, this heated water can be used both for domestic and commercial purposes.

Benefits of using the system

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